Sunday, November 15, 2009

Book-making process

My friend Anna is in a book arts program right now, so I imagine her making the books in this video, but they're actually the work of Abigail Uhteg at the Women's Studio Workshop. I find the stitching that starts around 1:30 particularly mesmerizing. Seeing the process video for an intricate project like this makes the end product seem like a steal at $700, don't you think? (A free PDF of the book is also available here.)


  1. As a book collector, I found this absolutely fascinating. Will there always be a place for special books, especially as people turn to the internet for reading? I find books an endangered species but maybe I'm being too glum about it. Meanwhile, I love to browse through magazines and books from the 1800s, when bookmaking was often quite an art!

  2. The detail that goes into making books never crosses my mind but after seeing this, I can't help but look at books with a new perspective.

  3. A fascinating insight into the book making process, many thanks!


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