Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jeannie Paske's Obsolete World [Sunday spotlight]

"Let Me Tell You a Story", by Jeannie Paske

Last December's Crafty Wonderland holiday sale started off with a bang -- the sound of my car skidding into a curb as I tried to navigate the icy roads on the way to the convention center. It was the first day of Portland's Great Snows of '08, but even so, more than a hundred people were lined up for the sale. 

And can you blame them? I was lucky to be there, vending alongside fantastic artists like Jeannie Paske, Faryn Davis of Fernworks Fine Art, and Jenny of Orange Peel Enamel

I was particularly excited to see Jeannie's paintings and prints, which I recognized as I passed by her booth. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure I went a little fangirl. Fortunately she didn't hold it against me and recently agreed to a brief interview. 

B/M/C/B: Can you tell me a little about the world inhabited by your characters?

JP: Obsolete world was created by me as a place for the various creatures and monsters inside my head to reside in 2006. I view it as an older, long abandoned world where the residents had spent much of their time pondering their surroundings, usually in vast fields under sweeping skies. I strive to create a bit of curiosity and introspection in my work. There is always a childlike side of me that wonders, whatever became of this place and where are all of these creatures now?

"In Search of a View"

"Forgetting the Sky"

When did you first begin making art?

I started drawing with my older siblings when I was very young. It was one of my favorite things to do as a child. Second only to cartoon watching and most of the time, the two went hand in hand. I remember my dad bringing home scrap paper from work and it was like Christmas.

"Such is the Cost of Immortality"

What's the creative process like for you?

I am a day-dreamer and an observer, so when I see something that catches my eye or sparks my interest I'll do a rough sketch in my sketchbook and later, I'll go back and rework it onto canvas or watercolor paper.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Shaun Tan, Jim Woodring, Quint Buchholz, Michael Sowa, Bill Waterson, Theodore Geisel and Jeff Smith

"Away from the Order of Days"

What are you working on now?

Just finished work for a show at Rivet Gallery in Columbus, Ohio and I am taking a break for a few weeks.

"Former Lives Rain Down"

Where can my readers find your work?

On my blog and website, or my Etsy store. I sell originals at and at I have a list of brick and mortar stores that carry my work.

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