Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sewing reverse applique eyeball shirts with Creative Kismet

This week, How-to Tuesday is actually happening on Thursday, because that's when Regina from Creative Kismet is going to be on the Martha Stewart Show. She'll be showing everyone how to make these reverse-applique eyeball shirts: 

Be sure to tune in! (Check your local listings for times.) Also, if you haven't been to the Creative Kismet site, scoot on over and check out Regina's tutorials and projects. She's a sewing superstar and carves a mean stamp

[Update 6/09/09: Here's a link to the video segment and complete T-shirt instructions on the Martha Stewart Show website. Also, Regina is now selling eyeball shirt kits in her Etsy store.] 


  1. You are awesome! Thanks Wendy!

  2. These are brilliant, thanks a lot for sharing this


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