Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday shout-out to my peeps

There's a lot in life that doesn't make sense to me. Like peeps, those creepy marshmallow harbingers of spring. But I think they don't make sense to anyone, considering that people don't eat them, they just investigate them: 

"Day 349" by JolieNY on Flickr.
They photograph them. A lot

"Side-by-side comparison" by Thadman on Flickr.

They compare them to the real thing.

Image from Science@NASA

NASA attaches them to weather balloons and sends them into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. 

ABC reports on the creation of peeps in Bethlehem, PA (no joke). 

Others make elaborate dioramas and enter them into the Washington Post's annual contest. 

They document the effects of smoking, alcohol, temperature, and pressure on peep health. [via Jesse's blog]

They electrocute them and they shoot them with pellet guns after freezing them in liquid nitrogen. [via Make]

They give up and just burn them at the stake

And yet, the resilient peeps survive to haunt candy aisles everywhere each spring. Will we ever understand how they do it? 

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