Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday shout-out: Brock Davis

This Sunday's shout-out goes to Brock Davis, who is doing a great job at keeping his resolution to make something cool every day in 2009. Being consistently creative is no small feat -- heck, I don't even blog every day. 

I especially enjoy seeing the evolution of certain ideas from day to day in Davis's work. Some of my very favorites are the most simple. 

Take a look: 

"1/03/09: rules"

"2/12/09: the prestigious twelfth egg award"

"3/03/09: kermit the frog about to walk across hot coals"

"3/25/09: okey-dokey"

Gotta love that twelfth egg award. If I had a mantle, I'd wish for one of those to put on it. 

The full gallery of Davis's 2009 creations can be found here


  1. I love the iPhone skeleton hand. And the tangled notepad!


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