Sunday, March 8, 2009

Quick & easy homemade pendant display

I've been making a lot of pendants lately, but I haven't had a good way to display them at craft fairs. So I went over to the ReBuilding Center and grabbed some random pieces of salvaged tile. 

It only took a few blobs of craft glue to assemble the display. 

Here's the finished version in use as a drying rack for resin pendants freshly popped from their molds. 

It turned out that third piece of tile I had was a brighter white than the other two, so I'm still thinking about adding the third tier to the display.

Here's a bit of a side view so you can see how I put the tiles together. You could decorate the edges a bit, but I prefer jewelry displays that are plain so that they don't pull the focus away from the actual jewelry. 

And there you have it! A low-cost, do-it-yourself pendant display that is made from reused materials and ridiculously easy to assemble. 

Total cost: about $1 for the tile. I had the glue on hand. 

Let's hope it works well for me today at the Crafty Wonderland sale. Come by if you're in the area! We'll be there from 11-4. Here's a map

Other tutorials to check out: 


  1. Brilliant!! what kind of glue did you use? and did you find that its holding well?

  2. Thanks, Meg! The glue I used is called "Crafter's Pick: The Ultimate". It's working well and stood up to being transported to and from the craft show I went to last weekend. I used the glue pretty liberally, as you can see. You could also sand the surfaces to be glued to help with bonding. I might also have used epoxy if I'd had it handy at the time.

  3. Love this idea. Also, I signed up for an etsy after seeing your blog so I listed that you refered me. Not sure if that gets you anything, but figured if it did then you would deserve whatever that is.

    Thanks. csbyel

  4. Hi Erika,

    I'm glad you like the display and thanks for listing me as an Etsy referral. I don't know if it gets me anything, either -- I guess we'll find out!

  5. Great idea! But I don't know what a 'tile' is. What is it usually made for?

  6. The tile is ceramic, like you would use for a countertop or floor. The pieces I have were for edges and corners.

  7. oh my goodness that is very very smart i think i will try it


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