Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's what's inside that counts

Art-professor-turned-medical-student Satre Stuelke takes CT scans of ordinary objects, with eerie, unexpectedly beautiful results. 

Image by Satre Stuelke.

The NY Times ran a great article a few days ago on his work. 

Stuelke uses a CT scanner to essentially photograph his way through 3D objects in 200 to 500 slices, then colors the images based on the density in each area. 

Image by Satre Stuelke.

Density measurements reveal the inner workings of scanned items, be they people or inanimate objects. Who knew that Barbies have leg bones and skulls?

Check out Stuelke's website, which has a great image gallery:


  1. Oh Man! Homeboy scanned a Big Mac! Awesome! Gross, but awesome. Nice post, Wendy!

  2. Thanks, Paul! You should check out the chicken McNuggets and the Hungry Man frozen dinner in his gallery…


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