Friday, February 6, 2009

Art on the job: the commute

Okay, so technically you're not on the job, you're on the way to the job. Still, it's a part of work. Whether you get there by foot…

photo: "Rush Hour" by gmonster 25

photo: "Late for Work" by Eneas

by bicycle…

photo: "the peddler" by mugley

by bus…

photo: "Back of Bus Seat" by D'Arcy Norman

by train… 

photo: "tube" by pfig
photo: "Paddington" by maz hewitt

or with your own set of wheels…

photo: "Bright Atlanta" by nrbelex

photo: "AM commute" by nailbender

…there's art to be found there, when you're not missing your bus or cursing crazy drivers. 

Speaking of art and work, hop on over to Penelope Trunk's blog for this tough love post on how to build a career as an artist. (Hint: you might be better off keeping your day job.)

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  1. What a great bit of daily inspiration - i'l certainly pay more attention on my way to work now!


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